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Caged Lady with Long Tail beach found objects 21x7 20170901
Tuggy beach found objects on board 6x23
Bubba beach finds on driftwood
Ode to RES beach found items charred wood - blue thingy 12x3.5  2017
Assemblage on Gray  metal, bark, shell on laminated board 15x18   2017
Kathy's Lost Sandal assemblage of found objects on l
Green Sun mixed media on laminated board  with found objects 6x15 2017
acrylic and wood veneer on mason board  12x12  201
Barb and Diver beach found objects on wood 16x11
The Darthy Sisters collage on slitted cardboard 25x13 20190329
Indomitable mixed media on slate 12x24.5  2017
Crown Fish mixed media on laminated board 6x15
Integral acrylic collage on laminated board 15x15
Flipper Mask beach found objects 9x5.5  2017
Sundragon acrylic on laminated wood with bristles and found metal 18x24  2017
It Was a Nice Ride Acrylic on plastic multi media 26x29