Name                                    Medium                                                         $USD


Any 8x10 or 10x8              acrylic on canvas                                                 145

Any 11x14 or 14x11          acrylic on canvas                                                 245

Any 16x20 or 20x16          acrylic on canvas                                                 550

any 18x24 or 24x18           acrylic on canvas                                               2000

Adoration of the Mangoose  acrylic on canvas 24x18                              2000

African Genesis               metal, charred wood, acrylic                              4000

Ali and Friends                acrylic on laminated wood 30x11                      2000

Almond Joyity                 acrylic on canvas 24x12                                      1800

Aspire                               sculpture metal and stone 18x10x17                 3000

Assemblage on Gray       metal, bark, shell on laminated board 15x18   1200

Barb and Diver                beach found objects on wood 16x11                1500


Bicycle Girl                       mixed media 28x10x6 20200925                        1500

Big Hug                            acrylic on canvas 30x24                                       NH

Big Meanie                      acrylic on wood veneer / mason board 12x12    600

Blue Aura                         acrylic on laminated board. Notice the head   1300

                                          near the top. Looks like a bird or a face

                                          with hat 19.5x14

Blue Nosed Gal               acrylic on slitted cardboard 35x12.5                    400

Blue Rain                          multimedia-bristles, comb, Indian artifact,        2000

                                          chipboard, acrylic 41x16

Bluebeard                         acrylic on canvas. 30x24                                      2500

Box Hoist                          acrylic on canvas 24x18 20200627                      2000

Bubba                               beach finds on driftwood 7x14                             300

Buggy Eyed                     driftwood, acrylic, volvo parts, lamp base,         2500

                                          mirror 18x23x12

Bugs                                  acrylic on canvas 24x18                                       2000

Buoy and Metal Assemblage                                                                        2000

                                         the base metal was found on land I used to

                                         own in Wisconsin. The fan belt wheel I noticed

                                         between the sidewalk and Grove Street in

                                         New Haven. Three weeks later while walking to

                                        a Chinese New Year parade on Whitney Ave, it

                                        was still there so I grabbed it. 22x8

Caged Lady with Long Tail                                                                              450

                                        assemblage on bark using beach found

                                        objects 21x7

Chakra Temple               horse shoe crab torsos, beach found cement,      475

                                        chakra stone, Tiny Tim 11x10x7 

Charwatch                      sculpture with bonfire charred wood,                     500

                                        stone, wood 9x9x9


Cobra                             beach found objects except for garlic                   1500

                                       stalk 42x15x8

Collage w plywood yarn conch egg on masonite

Crown Fish                     mixed media on laminated board 6x15                   450

Cucumber Roll              acrylic on canvas 18x24 20200629                           2000

Denizens                        acrylic on laminated board 22x14                           1600

Devil in the Details        acrylic on Canvas 6x12                                               350

Down on the Farm        acrylic on Canvas 12x6                                               350

Eero                                acrylic on laminated board. Named EERO            1600

                                        because last century I read an article in Fortune

                                       Magazine that discussed the CBS building in

                                       Manhattan, Eero Saarinen architect. It said when

                                       one encounters the building, ones’ head is forced

                                       to rise to look to the top of the building. A few

                                       years later while walking around Manhattan, my

                                       head rose to the top of a building. When I looked

                                       straight across at the building it was the CBS one.


El Toro Verde                acrylic on canvas 24x18 20200706                            2000

Eye on the Ducati        sculpture acrylic charred wood Barbie,                    2500

                                       bike 24x15x16

Fish on Wharf               mixed media 48x12x12                                              1500

​Flipper Mask                all objects found on beach 9x5.5                                350

Forest Deity                 acrylic on laminated board 18x6                                 475


​FountainBlue              acrylic on canvas 24x18 20200703                              2000


Gator on Rock             beach finds 3x5x11                                                       300

Gestation                    acrylic on canvas 24x18 20200628                              2000

Girty Gaia                    acrylic on laminated board 14x22                              1300

Go Go Go                   acrylic on Canvas 12x24                                                750

Green Sun                   mixed media on laminated board with                       500

                                     found objects 6x15

Guardian of the Depths                                                                                   2000

                                    driftwood, and other items found on beach.

                                    Copper tube was left over from plumbing repair

                                    on house which I wrapped around a cedar stump

                                    for a few years 20x38x16


Holding Up                acrylic on canvas 28x22                                                2500


Hotel Hydra               seaweed driftwood acrylic, whelk egg cases,              475

                                   pottery 16x11x11 20200327

Head Bug                   acrylic on canvas 24x18                                                1500

​Heads& Tails              acrylic on Canvas 6x12                                                   350

Held In Place              acrylic on canvas 28x22                                                2500

Helix Dance               acrylic on laminated board 24x15                                1100

I'm Gorgeous             sculpture from beach findings with snail                      900

                                    egg hair 14x8x7

​Indomitable               mixed media on slate 12x24.5                                      1400

Integral                       acrylic on laminated board w sea weed 15x15             750

It Was A Nice Ride    acrylic and beach found objects on tray 26x39           2500


Kathy's Lost Sandal   collage with found objects acrylic seaweed shells.    2000

                                    Kathy G. saw the sandal on my work table and

                                    loved it, hence the name of work. 15x24

Landscape w Cabin   acrylic on laminated board 13.5x32.5                          1200

Liondog                      found objects from beach 12x7x9                                  450

Loungers                    acrylic on canvas 24x48                                                  2500

Lovebirds                   acrylic on laminated board 30x11                                  2000


Mask                           metal, seaweed, shards, sea glass  11.5x8                      400


Mask Transformed     sculpture with clay base and beach objects,                2000

                                    feathers, ninja turtle. Inspired by African exhibit

                                    at YUAG. 24x15x6

Moose and Friends  acrylic on laminated board 14x10.5                                  300


Ms Maya                    concrete block that used to be part of a                       2000

                                    seawall with coconut, seaweed, acrylic 25x18x19          800




Ode to Res                beach found items charred wood - blue                         500

                                   thingy 12x3.5

Oh My                       Barbie w movable arms on sneaker horseshoe               450

                                   crab torso 16x6

Orchid Birds              acrylic on laminated board 14x22                                     400

Owl Watcher             acrylic on canvas 22x30 20200608                                   2200

PedTal                        totem 67x13                                                                      2000

Princess                     acrylic on slitted cardboard 26x13                                    350

Puffer Pyramid           horseshoe torsos puffer beads 9x9x7 20200324             475


Radiance                   acrylic on laminated board 24x15                                    1100

Raphia Furinifera Totem  horseshoecrab torsos, crab shells,                            525

                                          clay 12x8x7 20200322

Razor Hawk               sculpture acrylic, razors, drift wood 33x11x8                 1250

Renewal                    acrylic on laminated board 14x22                                     400

Revery                        acrylic on canvas 18x24                                                   2300

Roadscape               acrylic on canvas 6x12                                                        175

Royal Crab                sculpture from beach findings 14x7x7                           1100

Rubawami Totem     mixed media slitted cardboard, acrylic,                         1500

                                  metal 72x40 20180713




Sea It Now                 acrylic on laminated board 30x12.5                               2000

Sentinel                      sculpture with clay base and beach found                   1000

                                    objects 12x10x7

Showgirl                     acrylic on laminated board 18x20                                  1100


Snail                            acrylic on Canvas 24x48                                                 2500

Spidey Rides the Flying Shark                                                                           650

                                    sculpture from beach findings 5x12x5

Spring Again              acrylic on laminated board 32.5x15.5                           1500

Spring Day                 acrylic on laminated board w ape and                          2400

                                    sunbather 25x30


Stargate Outpost SEB-ZJ-176                                                                           1400

                                   mixed media, crate board, seaweed, horse,

                                   galactic creatures, not in the Milky Way 28x25x13

Stately Lady               acrylic on laminated board 2017  30x12.5                     1300

Stroke                         acrylic on laminated board 24x18                                  1500    

Sundragon                 acrylic on laminated wood with bristles and                 1500

                                    found metal 18x24

Teddy & Friends        acrylic on canvas 12x6                                                        300

Temple Guard             horseshoe torsos driftwood acrylic 9x9x6                       525


Tent Rope                  drift bark and ropes all found on beach 72x32x24          950

The Darthy Sisters     collage on slitted cardboard mixed media,                     350

                                    cardboard, yarn, acrylic, garlic stems, and Vader

                                    like masks 25x13

The Phages Are Coming   acrylic on canvas 60x48                                           5500

Theater Bound          mixed media sculpture. Version of theater masks          1500

                                   with all objects found at beach. Theater Bound

                                   because of theater masks and robe that inside of

                                   which the masks are bound. 18x15x6


Thermal Vent           acrylic on canvas 18x24 20200521                                     1400


Tubby Heads to Market      acrylic on canvas 20x20                                          1300


Tuggy                         mixed media on board 6x23                                             300


Vixen & Bug              acrylic on Canvas 48x12                                                    2000


Whoa                         sculpture with concrete block, Bob,                                650

                                   wood acrylic. Motivated by African exhibit

                                   at YUAG 12x8x6

Whoa Up Great Dragon mixed media 7x18x23 20200109                                1500


Winged                     sculpture w metal charwood. This work is not for           NFS

                                  sale but the rights to expand to a 20 to 30 foot high

                                  sculpture is negotiable 20x10x10


Yellow Eyed Owl       acrylic on slitted cardboard 15x36                                     300

Yellow Sky                  acrylic on laminated board 20x18                                   1200

Temple Guard   horseshoe torsos driftwood acrylic 9x9x6 20200323

Zapparino                  acrylic on canvas 22x28                                                    2000